Sidekick LX Unboxing Gallery and Sizemodo

Sidekick_LX_Gallery.jpgThe FedEx man just made us happy by dropping off a Sidekick LX, which will be available to T-Mobile customers tomorrow, and will be "widely available" on October 24th at T-Mobile stores and at Here's a look at its classy exterior, definitely more of a grown-ups Sidekick than any we've seen before. Notice the WQVGA screen with "high-definition" LCD technology, as well as the "mood lights" on the ends of the phone. Sizemodo gallery after the jump.


Here is the LX alongside assorted phones competing for its audience: iPhone, Palm Centro and BlackBerry Curve: As you browsed through these Sizemodo shots, you probably noticed that there was no comparison with an older Sidekick. Unfortunately I don't have one here, but I will tell you that, measurement wise, the LX is almost exactly the same size as the Sidekick 3. In fact, ti may be a hair larger. It is, however, slightly lighter:

Sidekick LX: 5.1 x 2.4 x 0.9 in. - 5.7 oz. Sidekick 3: 5.1 x 2.3 x 0.9 in. - 7 oz.

The Slide, built by Motorola, is actually the smallest Sidekick. We'll do a Slide vs. LX Sizemodo when it ships on November 7. Those shots will be much more interesting. [T-Mobile]

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