Shredmaster JR Turns your Kids into Little Shredders, Spandex Not Included

Product_618.jpgIf you are tired of fighting your kid for play time on Guitar Hero, get them a Shredmaster JR Micro Plug N Play Guitar. This suitably Guitar Hero looking plug n play guitar connects to any TV with AV inputs and has a list of actual music that you have heard of that is fully licensed for use. The song list includes Smoke on the Water, I Love Rock and Roll, Iron Man, You Give Love a Bad Name, Billion Dollar Babies, Hotel California, Paradise City, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Paranoid, and Master of Puppets. The Shredmaster JR is designed for younger users and is lightweight so kids can shred without getting too tired to do power slides around the living room. The best part is the guitar is cheap retailing for $49.99. If the thought of your kid jamming to Master of Puppets doesn't make your chest swell with pride something is wrong with you. [product] - Shane McGlaun

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