Shooting Cubicle Alarm System Protects You, Your Dignity

T1TriSafeGI.jpgYour study (parent's basement) is in need of serious protection. You have all manner of important documents (porn) on your hard drive, and you cannot have the local law enforcement (parents) snooping around unsolicited. Enter the Shooting Cubicle Alarm System. This triplet of cutting edge technology will work together to ensure said porn does not make its way in to the wrong hands, thus saving you from potential jail time (becoming grounded).Device number one clocks in as a run of the mill sensor, if it spots anything fishy going on in the form of intruders it alerts its buddies, which we have expertly titled devices number two and three. The second gadget takes the place of deterrent, shinning a red laser beam into the face of the trespassers. If that was not enough to convince the invader to back off, well, the final stand of defense, gizmo No. three, will have them running in fear as it indiscriminately sends foam projectiles in their general direction. To enjoy the protection afforded you'll have to provide 7 AAA batteries and $39.99. That's a small price to pay for peace of mind, if you ask us. [Product Page via Sci Fi Tech]

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