Satski: First Real Time Interactive GPS Piste Map For Skiers

satski.jpgI'm not a big skier personally —but I can see why the Satski GPS system could easily become a hit amongst true skiing enthusiasts. Using the Satski, you can create an interactive piste map that can be used to guide, track , and record your movements on the slopes. You can even upload your routes to Google Earth and share them with others. The Satski can also help you find the best slopes for your skill level and help you improve by recording your average and max speeds, distance traveled, and altitude information.

Like other GPS units, the Satski features extras like an MP3 player, games, and information on local points of interest. Naturally, that means it can also be distracting like traditional GPS units. You wouldn't want a huge tree laying down a hard pick because you decided to play Tetris while blazing down a mountain, so save the "extras" for the lodge. The Satski is currently available in the UK for £1,500 ($3,000) and for approx £28 ($57) as a ski resort rental. No word on whether or not this technology will be available elsewhere anytime soon. [Satski via Gadgetizer]

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