Samsung to Beyoncé: We're Not "Ready for All This Jelly"

BPhone_1.jpgWhen Samsung promised to make their "Beyoncé-themed phone," a curvy mock-up made the rounds of gadget locker rooms everywhere. But we knew it would be complete crap. And we were right, as proven by the SGH-F300's (UpStage's) new red and gold paint job (completely void of curvy goodness). Even if Samsung didn't make their music phone to look just like Beyoncé, they could have at least modified it for us to lick its toes...we've got nothing.

But if you could have the ultimate celebrity phone, whose would it be and what would it do? We say Burt Reynolds. And the only thing it has to do is have an awesome stache. [akihabaranews via therawfeed]

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