Samsung Hybrid BD-UP5000 Delayed?

IMG_0751WM.JPGIt's unconfirmed by any of my Samsung contacts, but apparently the new high end Blu-ray disc player from Samsung is being canceled, while the long awaited hybrid disc player, the first with total HD DVD and Blu-ray compatibility, is being delayed. That's important for several reasons. The hybrid BD-UP5000 player is supposedly going to be rated up from the common and underwhelming 1.0 profile that almost every Blu-ray player announced so far has to full 2.0 compatibility (BD-Live) with picture in picture, ethernet and a GB of persistent memory to put it on par with HD DVD's mandatory spec. The speculation on the BD-P2400 is that maybe its too minor of a step up from the now shipping BD-P1400, only adding 7.1 surround from 5.1, and upscaling. [The Reg]

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