Russia's "Father of All Bombs" Not Quite That Manly

To our innocent eyes, the video of Russia's "Father of All Bombs" looked pretty impressively explosive, but US big-boom experts are now questioning Russia's hoax-y claims about the weapon's size and power. For one, it might not even be a shockwave-generating thermobaric bomb—one expert says it actually looks like a fuel-air bomb, which is just a smaller explosive device strapped to lots of fuel—not exactly a marvel of Russian military science.

Another analyst, from the Centre for Defence Information, says at best its blast is just 50 per cent bigger than our MOAB. The list just keeps going: It wasn't dropped from a bomber (as implied in the video, but check the cut when the bay doors open), but probably shoved out the side of a cargo plane, which is almost kind of cute in its quaintness. But regardless of its actual size or power, we still wouldn't want one dropped in our backyard. [Wired]

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