Rocket Fueled by Hydrogen: Oh, the Humanity!

hydrogen_launch.jpgNow you can blast off this Discovery Hydrogen Fuel Rocket, a hydrogen-fueled missile powered by the same element that fuelled the upper stages of the Saturn V launch vehicle that sent man to the moon. A cool twist is that you generate your own hydrogen fuel in the rocket's launch pad using ordinary water, and that sends this rocket soaring 200 feet into near space.

Mix up some of the included citric acid and water in the launchpad, apply a bit of current from the batteries in the base, and before you know you've separated the hydrogen from the oxygen. Sure, it's not the liquid hydrogen that propelled the Saturn V, but close enough. Push a button and the canned countdown begins, and then up it goes with a sound similar to a cork popping out of a bottle. Looks like $39.95 worth of fun, mayhem not included. [Discovery]

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