Robotic Snap-o-Lantern, the DIY Gape-jawed Snapping Turtle Pumpkin

Make yourself a robotic mini-pumpkin just in time for Halloween by following the instructions from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories. The little gourd acts like an electrified snapping turtle, with his beady little LED eyes lighting up the spooky night. Only problem is, you have to have a hobby servo motor lying around and a couple of LEDs, but if you're electronically inclined you could cobble one of these together fairly easily and then download the firmware to finish it off. Just hook up the servo to a tiny pumpkin carved up just the right way, attach those LEDs, and you're good to go. Heck, you could have this little lantern's jaws agape and horrifying the entire neighbourhood by Halloween night. [Evil Mad Scientist, via Slash Gear]

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