RoboPhilo: A Humanoid Robot For Less Than $US500

robophilo1.jpgIf you have always been interested in humanoid robotics, but found the price of entry to be a little more than your budget could handle, the RoboPhilo may be the solution. Designed for the entry level enthusiast, the RoboPhilo packs the functionality of more complex and expensive robots into a much more affordable package. He comes complete with 20 servos that control the head, waist, thighs, and joints along with a controller with 24 servo channels and up to an 8 I/O interface. You can even hook him up to your PC and program him to execute your personalised movements.

You can get RoboPhilo fully assembled for $US500, and even less if you purchase the kit. It's not dirt cheap by any means, but most other kits will cost you up to three times that amount. Even if you have some money to burn, picking a few of these up may be an attractive option. You could be well on your way to assembling an army of 13-inch-tall robots programmed to terrorise the kneecaps of your enemies. And by the looks of some of the images below, he knows some karate. [RoboPhilo via Robots Dreams]

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