Radical Vehicles Cross Australia in the 20th Panasonic World Solar Challenge

front_winner.jpgEvery two years, a spectacular assortment of solar-powered vehicles races across Australia in the Panasonic World Solar Challenge. Last weekend wrapped up the 20th competition, and taking the honours for the fourth year in a row was Nuna4, the crazy looking vehicle pictured above sponsored by the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. The team of 11 students worked on the car for more than a year. It took four days for Nuna4 to cross the Australian continent, at an average speed of about 56 mph, and it won by a longshot—it was the only vehicle to finish on Friday. Take a look at a few of the competitors in the gallery below. [CNET]

926cartrip500x4151st place winner, Nuon Solar Team's Nuna4German Team — 6th placeSalesian Polytechnic fixes a flatTeam HelioDet, GermanyThird place — Aurora 101University of Michigan, 5th placeWaikato University's UltraCommuter, demo carOxyride, Osaka Sangyo University team2nd place — Umicore Solar Team, Belgium

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