Prototype Toshiba Gigabeat Sports Dazzling Display

toshiba_1.jpgWe had all but given up on exciting new PMPs before seeing this new Toshiba Gigabeat prototype. And while Akihabara News has technically labelled it a DAP (audio only), we're expecting that its gorgeous OLED 3.2" WQVGA screen will find a use for our movies and TV shows as well. Sure, the display isn't as large as Sony's 11-inch OLED product hitting markets soon, but we're fairly certain it's the largest OLED that can (sort of) fit in your pocket.

The other point of note is that Toshiba has ditched their normal PlusPad (TM) in this prototype. You know, that ugly cross controller that the company swore by for years? Gone! If this mock-up is any indication, Toshiba's trademark may soon hit the endangered species list, right along with those zebra pants that you've left in your closet for their future triumphant return that's just not going to happen. [akihabaranews]

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