Priestman Goode Post a Phone Landline Ringer Is Flatter Than 10-Year-Old Coke

postaphone.jpg UK industrial designers Priestman Goode breathed new life into using landlines (so 20th century) by stripping a phone down to its bare essentials—literally. The Post a Phone is 4mm thick, fashioned from either recyclable cardboard or plastic, pops out of an A5 envelope and is ready to be jacked in. The design and product's definitely solid, but the marketing drivel about it being a "wireless phone backup" strikes us as a little wonky, at least the way it's phrased in the press release: "If your wireless phone breaks down, you can have Post A Phone sent to you, knowing that it will fit through your letterbox, ensuring you don't need to stay in and wait for a courier." In the time it takes for the mailman to drop by, couldn't you have gone out and gotten another phone, either landline or another mobile? We think we'll pick one up before our phone dies, rather place our chatter time in the mailman's hands. [dezeen via Core77]

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