Polly Want a Wireless Doorbell?

parrot_doorbell_front.jpgWhat, is this International Doorbell Week? The techno-doorbell scene continues its explosive growth and innovation, and following those two more-sophisticated MP3 doorbells we showed you earlier this week, this Chinese Recordable Parrot Wireless Doorbell approaches the realm of the absurd. This cheapshit $22 plastic bird is not like those doorbells, such as the ReBell and YourBell, both using your existing doorbell button and letting you plug your MP3s on board, but this one looks a lot better than they do and could be good for a few laughs.


Stick its wireless transmitting button outside your door, and it triggers the bird from up to 45 feet away, squawking over its 2-watt speaker either the included "birdsong" (and we're hoping that would have something to do with Polly wanting a cracker) or your own six-second prerecorded ditty. And no, the parrot's not dead, he's only sleeping. [Chinavasion, via Gizmodude]

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