Podera Luxe USB Hub and Flash Card Readers Are Downright Purdy

podera_usbhub.jpgWe were starting to get bored with USB hubs and flash card readers, but just when we thought we'd seen them all, along came the Podera Luxe USB Hub and its comely sister, the Luxe memory card reader. There is just something pleasant about this USB hub, even though it only has four ports. Sure, it's going to look much uglier when you plug your own USB cables into it, but we like that elegant Colorado Red colour and the hub's gently rounded corners. There are other swank-looking colours available, too. And oh yeah, check out this matching flash card reader.podera_memory_card_reader.jpg It looks like it's cut from the same cloth as its USB port brother, and this little box accommodates most memory cards through a single slot. This is one case where less really is more, proving a product that uses the word "pod" doesn't have to have the letter "i" before it for it be beautifully designed. Check out Podera's USA distributor site for these and a couple of other eye-catching designs. [Technabob]

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