Penryn 3.2GHz Processors for Upcoming Mac Pros?

macpro.jpgThe chaps at The Inquirer have been busy chatting with the snoops in Tokyo, and word on the street is that Apple has purchased out all of the upcoming Penryn 3.2GHz processors. With the processors clocking in at that speed, we shall guess they are intended for the anticipated refresh to the Mac Pro's insides. If true, Apple are sure to have put down a pretty penny on the deal to ensure the lion's share of Intel's goodies.Theoretically, this would push Mac Pros to 3.2GHz with a 1600MHz front side bus, which would be increased from the current 1333MHz. We think it all fits nicely, it certainly sounds like a move Apple would pull off, but talk of the town is, as ever, far from fact. [The Inquirer via MacRumors]

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