Parrot DF7700 MMS Digital Photo Frame Shows Pics from Mobiles

parrott_frame.jpgHere's one more way to send photos to a digital photo frame: The Parrot DF7700 thinks it's a mobile phone—it even has its own phone number—and you can send it pics in an MMS message from any other mobile. Its 7-inch frame (a similar 7" Bluetooth-friendly frame is pictured here) is big enough to show you just how bad that camera is in your phone, and that's not even saying anything about the situations that might be depicted in such photos sent from afar. Like other Parrot frames, in addition to letting you input photos in the conventional method via memory card, this one is chameleon-like, shipping with a leather frame but letting you swap that out for any of its other optional finishes. Pricing wasn't announced, but the DF770 will be available in the U.S. by the end of this year. [Yahoo]

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