Paper-Made iPhone Clone Is Made to Burn Baby Burn

yc_kitchen-img480x500-1188615259__390001_500_11-7-1.jpgWe've seen all sorts of iPhone wannabes from China, but this SPhone is made of paper and it will be yours for just 3,999 Taiwanese dollars or $122. You may not want it, however. Not because it's made of people but because actually, according to a Taiwanese reader, it's made out of paper so people can burn it at funerals. That way, according to him, dead people will get it in the afterlife. And even while it may be for burning, it comes with specs:IT390001_500_01.jpgThere's a 3-megapixel camera, infrared, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as a memory card slot and polyphonic ring tones. IT390001_500_12.jpgJust 100 of these beauties are waiting to be snapped up from Taipei company Skea (nope, me neither), although I think* it says that the SPhone will be readily available for the knock-up price of 6,000 Yuan in December. [Yahoo! through Google Translate — thanks, Joe]

*Life's a riot with Google Translate.

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