Papercraft Skull with Moving Jaw, Just in Time for Halloween

skull72.jpgThis Papercraft skull has a tab on the back that you can pull and make it talk, scaring the children, and maybe even your pets. Download the PDF, and you can make one for yourself, just in time for the big day. After the jump, we have a very special hat you can wear for your Halloween festivities.p53885_1.jpgNot for the faint of heart, this very special cap has as talking rat on top, and what's that? It looks like he's munching on your brains for dinner. But Giz readers have plenty of that bodily organ to spare, so this little rat can go ahead and nourish himself all he wants.

What sorts of things does this talking rat say? Follow the link to the website and you'll see the video, but we're thinking it might be a better idea just to take the batteries out before you head out to that Halloween party.

[Boing Boing (Skull) and HalloweenOnly (Rat Hat)]

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