Panoramic Mecha Simulator Arcade Game is Networked, Awesome

Senjo_No_Kizuna_001.JPG.jpgIt may look like a decompression chamber, but Senjo No Kizuna is a networked arcade game in which you pilot a Mecha against other players. The game, developed by Banpresto, is, according to notre ami de Akihabara who gave it a spin, pretty damn good. Regular players can log their gaming history (scores, weapons, etc) on a card, so they can play in whichever arcade they fancy without starting from zero each time. Regardez le video below for a closer look. My favourite moment is when Monsieur Akihabara says rather plaintively, "I'm not very good." Well, honey, you're a whole lot better than I would have been. [Akihabara News]

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