Outrageous Audio Equipment Gallery: For Audiophools Only

snake_oil2.jpgWe asked readers for examples of outrageous audio equipment, and boy did we get a boatload of responses! Thanks to all our readers who sent in suggestions for our list of audiophile accoutrements. Dive into the gallery below for the grand exhibition of audio enhancements and tomfoolery, with gadgets and geegaws from the sublime to the absurd. Each entry has a caption with our own take on its worth or lack thereof, along with a URL so you can go buy it if you're gullible enough. Hold onto your wallets, because here we go.

Wavac SH833Wavac_H833Gaku-On Amplifier, $252,500Magic CD StoneShakti StoneGenesis Power CableGolden Ultra TweetersShakti HallographClearaudio StatementKharma Grand Enigma$71 Power Cable KitBolder Cable Company Ultimate MK IVMarigo Labs Signature 3D MatCodename Turquoise Masking KitOracle Bi-Wire Speaker InterfaceBrilliant PebblesBrilliant Pebbles at HomeClever Clock ArrayGold Plated AC OutletFurutech Demagnetizer$850 Power CordAcoustic System ResonatorsOracle Audio Delphi MK VDIY CableDolby Lake ProcessorAltmann Acoustic PanelTeleportation TweakStop Light PenSolid Tech Cradle of SilenceKondo M-1000 Preamplifier

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