Outdoor Monophonic Speaker System Goes Wire Free Wild

OutdoorWSpeGI.jpgThe summer's on its way, so good times for those who like to take their tunes outdoors. Sharper Image's Wireless Outdoor Monophonic One-Speaker System—besides having a ridiculously long name—is here to help. The stylish speaker will allow you to pump your beats, via the included 2.4GHz transmitter, from MP3 player to glorified outdoor speaker. If the sun refuses to shine on your party in the park, the soft blue lighting will bring illumination to your festivities—is there nothing the Sharper Image people have not thought of?

Apparently not, since the system also has a 50m range. Mind you, that is hard to believe, even with the 2.4GHz transmitting goodness. Getting your music into the great urban jungle, for all to hear, shall set you back $199.95. [Coolest Gadgets]

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