Optimus Maximus Keyboard Passes FCC Level Without Cheat Codes

optimax-cert2.jpgIn case any of you still thought the Optimus Maximus was all a big alien autopsy-esque hoax, the fact that the preliminary version of the keyboard just passed FCC testing should be enough to put your doubts on hold. The current status, non FCC-wise, has their OLEDs approved for mass production back in September and arriving in their offices late October/early November (and ship to customers at least a couple months after that)—which that means no Optimus for Christmas this year. The Maximus will also ship with a 512MB SD card to store layouts instead of storing them on the PC. Jump for a picture of the Panic Room/special shielded room the FC uses for testing (sans Jodie Foster). [Optimus Blog] optimax-cert.jpg

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