Onkyo Home Theater in a Box Has HDMI 1.3a, 10-inch Sub, 1080p DVD Player

htsp908_front_300.jpgAlthough this Home Theater in a Box (HTiB) doesn't have as many features as Onkyo's DTX-8.8, it still gives you an all-in-one solution for your entertainment needs in a relatively affordable package—and it's Onkyo's top of the line HTiB. The receiver in the HT-SP908 and HT-SP904 models has 7.1-channel audio, two HDMI 1.3a ports, 1080p output, and is XM/Sirius ready. Not only that, it also includes a 1080p upscaling DVD player, a 10-inch sub, and a remote-interactive iPod dock. Quite a nice package for $1099 for the 908, with the 904 coming in at $899 with slightly less features (like no HDMI and component upconverting). [Onkyo]

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