Nokia Taunts Apple with New "Open to Anything" N95 Campaign

nokia-ad-open.jpgIt looks like Nokia is firing cannons against the Apple armada: their latest campaign—spotted in New York last Saturday—argues that their phones are better because they are not closed devices and they are open to any third-party development.We don't know for sure if this shot aims Apple's lack of support for 3rd-party iPhone apps but given Apple's current stance on third-party apps, it looks like it may be the case.

Nokia seems to believe that third-party software development for their Nseries is not only harmless, but could make their devices better. And even while Jobs pointed out that there may be third-party apps in the future, the fact is that right now this is not happening yet. Until then, we will have to agree with Nokia on this one. [MacRumors]

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