Nokia Nseries get free Wi-Fi around Australia

nokia.jpg Nokia has partnered with Azure Wireless, a Wi-Fi hotspot provider, to deliver free Wi-Fi access for their Nseries handsets until end of January 2008. There is coverage in all state and territory capitals, as well as other major centres in NSW, Queensland and Victoria. I was dubious at first but there's more than a handful of locations in the listed areas. Bizarrely, Nokia's site to promote this deal could lead you to believe there are just a handful of locations in just Sydney and Melbourne. Hit the 'Full list of hot spots' rather than the 'Cafe hot spots' link to see the real coverage. Why they'd try to belittle their own promotion escapes me.

If you own such a handset, you'll want to check the Azure Wireless hotspot list to find the bars and cafes that will let you kick back with a beverage and download some mobile friendly porn your email or catch up on the latest news. [Nokia Nseries WiFi and Azure Wireless hotspots]

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