Nokia N810 Hands-On Gallery and Video

The Nokia N810 was launched this week, and among the main details, I've got a few more impressions for you. (What few impressions I could draw from the quirky device.) • Screen is A+ in sharpness, color, brightness and res (800x480). It's not multitouch, though, and you'll need a stylus. • The keyboard's clicks are a bit shallow and the space between each is not so well defined, but it is something you could get used to. • The Linux apps were not readily available yet, and some. • An app I missed in my video walkthrough is that Gizmo has video conferencing support using the front-mounted cam. (And there is no app for using it to take straight- up photos.) • Would I buy it? I'm not sure I need it. But the dev community for Nokia tablets is pretty popular (although not as popular as s60) so I'm sure there are untold uses for many inside of this thing. • When WiMax hits, an upgraded device like this could be very useful. Right now, it's a Wi-Fi or tethered over Bluetooth device.


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