Nokia Introducing Touch UI to Open Source S60 OS

Today Nokia, the largest player in the mobile handset game, announced the addition of a touchscreen interface to their S60 OS. Comparisons to Apple's multi-touch input system are inevitable, but Nokia are holding their own with a few promised extras. These include; silencing the phone by flipping it on its face when an incoming call is received, support for stylus based input and a tactile feedback response.For good measure, they are also throwing in a Flash capable browser, which we doubt will be relying on a shitty EDGE network. If Nokia pulls this off, the development may propel them even further up the tables, and we'll be in for a handset at a reasonable price point, with open source potential (proper 3rd party apps) and usability surpassing even that of the iPhone. Who knows? We may even see a user replaceable battery in the mix! We might be fanboys, but hell, if Nokia makes those promises come true, they can have our iPhones. Hit the video to check out a prototype in action. [Nokia]

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