Nokia Handsets to Get Direct Access to Video Content

cnnnok.jpgNokia has signed an exclusive deal with News Corp., Sony Pictures and CNN, allowing them to distribute content directly to Nokia handsets. That cuts the carriers straight out of the deal, and they are unlikely to be pleased by the arrangement.Apparently, Nokia has already begun embedding new N95s with the links required for direct access. Nokia confirmed that an official announcement may come before the week's end. Further, it is not only N95 that is going to be let in on the action, more handsets are set to be made compatible once the service launches proper.

The structure for content delivery has not been confirmed in its entirety, but as an example, the News Corps. partnership means users will be able to get free access to "mobisodes" such as 24, as well as various movie clips. Blam's decision to go down the N95 road seems to have been a good move after all. Phew. [The Hollywood Reporter]

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