NOA Design's Tub Lounger Concept Merges Relaxation With Relaxation

TubLoungeGi.jpgWe like to relax in the bath and chill out reading magazines in the lounge. So, why not do both together? If NOA Design's concept ever sees the light of day, we may be doing just that. The super lounger consists of chair submerged in the main tank, with a tap feature that has an integrated halogen lamp. Inexplicably, a built-in lavatory is missing. The ultimate de-stress contraption gets the imagination to work and makes us think of annoying slang—no we won't "chillax." That's not even a word! Great, now we need to take a bath and kickback in our lounge to overcome the annoyance. That is going to take ages; if only we could do both at the same time...wait...[Born Rich]

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