Nintendo's First Half Profit Nearly Triples, Money Printers Can't Keep Up

printsmoney.gif No surprises here, really. Profits for Nintendo's first fiscal half were ¥132.42 billion ($1.16 billion) on sales of ¥694.80 billion ($6.09 billion), destroying the same half last year's profit of ¥54.35 billion on ¥298.82 billion in sales. Nintendo's feeling pretty good, obviously, raising forecasted sales of the Wii this fiscal year by one million to 17.5 million consoles, with the DS's sales target bumped 8 percent to 28 million units. Software-wise, it's expecting 165 million DS titles and 97 million Wii games to roll for the year, up 8 and 35 percent, respectively. Consequently, they're expecting to rake in ¥275 billion ($2.4 billion) in profits for the year on sales of ¥1.55 trillion ($13.59 billion). Bottom line: shitloads of systems, shitloads of games, shitloads of money. [WSJ]

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