Nintendo DS Picking Up Information, TV Programming Functions

dsfuzzy.jpgLooking to expand the DS's base even further beyond casual gamers in its plan for world domination, according to the WSJ, Nintendo's going to roll in some not-so-game-y info-oriented functions, like a TV programming feature for the Japanese market that will let users "check television listings, run searches by keyword and genre, and highlight each family member's favourite programs." Satoru Iwata didn't lay out the full scope of their grand plan, but already in testing is wirelessly accessible information in places like museums, train stations and amusement parks, so one can quickly find the closest panty-vending machine. If they're going the convergence portable route (which better come stateside), you know what else would be useful? A web browser that doesn't suck. [WSJ via N4G via Kotaku, Flickr]

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