Nike Amp+ Sport Remote Control Available Now

nikeep.jpgThe Nike Store has just dropped the Nike Amp+ Sport Remote Control. We brought you news of the range of devices a while back, but it looks like the first line of watches has been released without much ado. The new model, paired with the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit and Nike+ Ready shoes, will allow you to hear instant voice feedback of your time, distance, calorific expenditure and pace. The watch will also provide playback control functionality for your iPod nano, but if that is not enough to swing you in the direction of the Tokyoflash styled wannabe, perhaps the 50m water resistance, or the ability to function as a standard LCD watch may have you convinced? Either way, the Nike+ Amp is available in black, deep green or gray, retails at a reasonable $79 and is available now. [Product Page] [Thanks, Elvis. P]

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