New Jacuzzi J400 Hot Tub is All About the iPod

ipod-jacuzzi.jpgI dream of a day that I can dock my iPod with anything, (although I think that the release of the iCarta toilet paper holder a couple of years ago pretty much made that dream a reality.) and now Jacuzzi is doing their part with the J400 series line of iPod-compatible hot tubs. Thanks to the integrated AquaSound Audio System, you can listen to your favourite tunes without headphones while you relax. The music is pumped through waterproof micro-speakers that you can control with a sweet floating remote. Other features that Jacuzzi lovers might find appealing include: illuminated jets, dual "WaterColour" waterfalls, a therapy lounge, footmound jets, and a CD player or AM/FM radio for anyone who is sophisticated enough to buy an iPod compatible tub, but not sophisticated enough to actually own an iPod.[Jacuzzi via Sci Fi via Born Rich]

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