New Armed Robots in Iraq Were Built For Killin'

We showed you the first gun-toting robots when they were first unleashed in Iraq, but those were merely bomb-disposal robots with guns attached to them. Now, from the same company, we have robots built from the ground up to be killing machines. Think of them as a very early version of the T-1000. Danger Room got themselves exclusive video (above) and pics (below) of the new deathbots in action.gunbot1.jpgWhile those initial SWORDS robots have yet to fire a shot due to safety concerns, these new MAARS (Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System) bots should get to see some action. They can connect to the same GPS network as the troops, and it's got an extra fail safe that won't allow it to fire at its control unit (that wasn't there before?!). The modular part of its name comes from the fact that the tracks can be swapped out for wheels and the gun can be swapped out for an arm really easily, although that seems less exciting.

gunbot2.jpgLook out, terr'ists. Our killer robots have your number. [Danger Room]

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