NEC's Nissan Micra Laptop Pushes You Closer to the Brink

pukefestGI.jpgIf you live in Japan and drive a stripy Nissan Micra (March), we are so sorry. Still, if you desperately want an NEC Nissan branded laptop to match said vehicle, you are in luck. NEC has just announced an equally grotesque laptop, finished with enough stripes to create an accomplished rock band.

Beyond the eccentric exterior and a few strategically placed Nissan tags, the ¥120 498 ($1020) laptop is a run of the mill LaVie G model. The device packs a 1.8GHz Sempron processor, 512MB RAM, 15.4" widescreen display and runs Windows Vista Home Basic. Our advice on this gadget; look (for a short period as it may burn your eyes), but do not (under any circumstance) touch. And you thought life couldn't get worse; a Nissan Micra and a matching laptop—be brave; it'll be OK in the end. [Digital World Tokyo]

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