Navigon GPS Offers Free Traffic Searches For Life

navigon_7100_2.jpgNavigon may not be the first company that comes to mind when you think of portable GPS units, but they are making a bid to change all that by offering subscription-free traffic updates on their new 5100, 7100, and 2100 units.

They've also added a new 3-D feature that offers users a more realistic display map—which should look pretty good on the 7100s 4.3-inch display. And if that wasn't enough to help guide you to the nearest fast food joint, Navigon has thrown in features like lane assist, text to speech, speed warnings, and Zagat ratings.

Look for the 7100, 5100, and 2100 units to be released later this month for $649, $499, and $249 respectively (add $99 for 2100 traffic upgrade). [Navigon via Inventor Spot]

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