Nanometer-Wide PicoToilet, Plus a Gallery of Micrographs

toilet_micrograph.jpgMan, you're going to need to have a tiny butt to use this toilet—less than a nanometer wide, to be specific. Taken with an electron microscope by nanotechnologist Kaito Takahashi, this pic not only shows the intricacies of objects that can be constructed at the nanoscale, but it also demonstrates the astonishing smallness of the world you see at 15,000X magnification. This photo won the Most Bizarre award in the Bizarre/Beautiful Micrograph Contest at the 49th International Conference on Electron, Ion and Photon Beam Technology and Nanofabrication. Check out the gallery for more crazy nanoshots. [Zyvex Labs, via Wired]

M. C. Escher AwardHonorable Mention3Honorable Mention2Honorable Mention Queen's AwardHonorable MentionGrand Prize MicroGraphBest Scanning Probe MicroGraphBest Ion MicroGraphBest Electron MicroGraph

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