Naked ADSL coming as soon as November

beefcake.jpgAsher Moses at the Sydney Morning Herald has a nice update story on the state of 'naked' ADSL. It seems iiNet has plans to launch next month, Engin early next year, and TPG and Internode both are using the 'near future' catch all to keep things close to their chest (TPG has been saying 'soon' since July).

iiNet even offers pricing on their entry level plan: 4GB at $44.95. There's no direct match to that plan (if it is just 4GB with no on/off-peak allowances) but, for comparison, iiNet sells 2GB+4GB plans at $39.95.

Damn, I promised to put some beefcake up here the next time I mentioned naked ADSL, didn't I? There you go, ladies! Enjoy! [Sydney Morning Herald]

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