Multibook is a Lamp, Charger and Alarm Clock, Disguised As an Ordinary Book

multibook_front.jpgThe Multibook by Italianos Dante Donegani and Giovanni Lauda offers three conveniences in one handsome package that looks a whole lot like a book. From the angle of the Multibook's spine, it appears to be a conventional alarm clock, displaying the date and time. Behind a diffuser (situated where the book's pages would be) are 74 LEDs that emit soft light. Open the book and inside are three sockets into which you can plug your chargers and hide away mobile phones or media players along with all their attendant wires. Find a way to hide the AC cable leading to it, and this could be a great way to remove clutter from your desk or bedside table. It's $US217, but only available in Euro-style 220-volt configuration so far. [Rotaliana, via Technabob]


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