MTA; Mobile Phones Could be a Security Risk

CellPhoneUGGi.jpgMobile phone usability is coming to the subway, all thanks to the MTA. Though the threat of having to listen to people talk for the duration of your journey may be worrying, officials involved with the project are beginning to question the potential security risks of the new underground calling functionality. Detailing the concerns, Jeremy Soffin, a spokesperson for the MTA said:

"In the immediate aftermath of an incident, our employees need the full attention of our customers to ensure the fastest and safest communication of information and potential evacuation... we also exercise extreme caution in limiting use of any electronic device that could potentially serve as an accidental detonator during such an incident."

The scheme is expected to be completed within the next four years, and though we do not want to be accused of scare mongering, the facts are these: everyone has got by OK up until now, and in light of potential safety issues, is the initiative really necessary? What do you guys think, time to invest in one of these? [Daily News via Textually]

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