Moving Mannequin Sprints From The Gap

Picture%2010.pngProblem: the clothes we buy off store mannequins never properly demonstrate our in-motion sexy strut. Solution: the Moving Mannequin runs in place, simulating being late to work or really needing to use the bathroom. (Hit the jump for more along with a glorious animated gif.)nrmanimation.gifWe're being a bit unfair as the Moving Mannequin is actually a well-thought piece of equipment. Featuring various modes to capture clothing in motion, the mannequin can be set for running, jogging, walking or cycling—all in coveted slow motion. The mechanical animation is promised to be smooth and lifelike, which we'd hope to be the case for the nearly $12,000 price tag (lest we save money and simply show off our new clothing line on cars). But we hope version 2.0 demonstrates clothing with our man rings of sweat with proper anatomical precision (and also in slow motion, of course). [product via nerdapproved]

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