Motorola Responds to Penis Clock Allegations

The MOTO PNIS clock image we found yesterday caused such an uprising over at Motorola, they felt the need to respond to any possible penis allegations today.

They said:

The image that you see is actually the result of shading applied to the clock background graphic to give it more of a three-dimensional appearance, in line with the theme of the phone. The graphic is actually built as concentric circles stacked on top of each other, with a lighting filter applied to give it depth. Unfortunately, the result is something that has some readers questioning what they see, and Motorola apologizes for any perception of impropriety as it was certainly not our intent at all.

The graphic is only in a few models of our phones with certain software builds installed. We're already taking steps to ensure that the clock face graphic in question will not appear in any future products.

If someone wants to remove the graphic from their view, they can either select Menu -> Settings / Personalize / Home Screen / Clock / Digital, or Options/Customize Home/Clock Style/Digital, depending on their phone model.

To us, we can't make out any raised bump or three-dimensional appearance to cause this wang-like specter, but maybe it's like that image of the vase that's also a face. Once you see the face, you can't un-see it—except in this case the vase is a penis and the face is another penis.

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