More Zune 2 Details: Lossless Support, Glass Screens, Green is the New Brown

Going beyond the Zune 2 and Flash Zune launch details, we just got off a conference call with Microsoft and got new details on the Zune and Zune platform.

• The Zune and Zune Software now supports lossless audio. Windows Media Lossless. • Microsoft claims that the Zune is now a much superior option compared to the iPod. • US launch date, according to Amazon, is November 13.• Zune Pass (the monthly subscription scheme) work with the 1 million DRM free songs, but all songs you download with the Zune Pass will still be wrapped in DRM to be recognised as a rental. • Wireless syncing will automatically sync one minute after activity is stopped as long as you're in Wi-Fi range and attached to a power source (dock, AC adapter). You can manually trigger the Wi-Fi sync as well even without being connected to power. • Syncing will interrupt any activity you're currently doing. • All the old accessories are compatible with the new devices (there may be some problems with a dock, but they'll get back to us) • Screens are now made of glass as opposed to plastic in the 30GB • The Flash Zunes, even though smaller, have the same resolution as the 80GB Zune. • Zune Social, the social networking site, will launch in beta. • You won't be able to send songs through Zune Social, just pointers to 30 second clips of what you're listening to • The brown isn't discontinued (it's still in the 30GB models), but they say green is the new fashionable colour, so they're going with that in the Flash models • No battery life details yet • No sound quality comparisons vs. the iPod yet either • The new Zune dock offers component out with the 80GB, composite out with the 30GB, and no video out for the 4/8.

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