Mont Blanc Jacuzzi Party at 15,711 Feet Was Low on Oxygen, High on Booze

Mont Blanc Jacuzzi Party at 15,711 Feet Was Low on Oxygen, High on Booze
A group of 20 people have celebrated a party in a huge jacuzzi at the top of the Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps at 15,711 feet. They had to carry 45 pounds of equipment each, custom-made to work with less oxygen, lower pressure and “against wind and freezing temperatures.” Full gallery and details of the adventure after the jump.

The people from Jacuzzi Events organize jacuzzi parties in the weirdest places, but when they decided to organize one at 15,711 feet on top of the Mont Blanc, they had to face all kinds of technological and logistic problems.

First, at that height the usual burners don’t work well. At almost 5,000 meters, combustion engines lose half of their power because lack of oxygen. To maintain the necessary level of heat to warm the volume of snow necessary to do this without spending too much fuel, and keep the weight as low as possible, the team at Jacuzzi Events had to create special burners.

The logistic challenge was big too. They had to carry 900 pounds of boxes, piping and fuel (plus assorted wine, liquor and beer) to the top, without any help from an helicopter. For that they had to find 20 friends willing to ascend at night, so they had enough time to build the jacuzzi in time to spend the day and probably get drunk, then get down again before the next night. The trip actually started at 3:00PM on September 12 and they reached the summit at 5:00AM the next day.

Looks like fun but for the next time, you weird jacuzzi enthusiasts you, let’s make the boobs-to-hairy-chest proportion more equilibrated. And invite us to it. []