Money-Saving Comcast TiVo Spotted, Spy Shot Gallery

comcast_tivo_front.jpgMaybe being stuck with Comcast isn't so bad if you can get TiVo without paying $299 for the lowest-priced TiVo HD hardware. That's because Comcast is using Motorola hardware that it's already deploying, and loading it up with TiVo software it's rolling out to its New England customers first. Plus, you get that beloved bone-shaped TiVo remote in the deal. And the best news is, all you'll pay is a monthly fee (could be as low as $3) without that huge upfront TiVo cost. Take a look at the galleries for a few crude in-the-field shots of the Motorola TiVo and its cherished interface, coming soon to a home theatre near you. Follow the link to our buddy Dave Zatz's site where he'll fill you in on the latest TiVousity. [Zatz Not Funny]

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