Modified Hummer Gets 60mpg, Goes From 0-60 in 5 Seconds

hummerfast.jpgH3 Humvees are not exactly the first vehicles that come to mind when you think of saving the environment, which is why this modded 2005 H3 is so freakin' amazing. According to its creator and green car guru Johnathan Goodwin, when completed this H3 will be able to achieve 60mpg running on biodiesel, 600 horsepower, 2000 foot-pounds of torque, and go from 0-60 in 5 seconds —thanks to the 60,000 rpm 1985 turbine jet engine he plans on installing. The turbine will be used to power a set of "supercapacitor" batteries when the electric motor runs low. The resulting burst of power will charge the batteries in mere seconds and lead to the impressive feat of acceleration mentioned earlier.In essence, Goodwin's H3 is a "super hybrid," combining immense power with high levels of fuel efficiency. He even plans on incorporating a a hydrogen-injection system that will cut already low biodiesel emissions in half. Compare that to the 16mpg and 300 horses current H3s are packing.[Fast Company via AutoblogGreen via Neatorama]

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