Miscea Touchless Faucet Magically Spews Out Water, Soap, Who Knows What Else

miscea-faucet_12.jpgThis stainless steel Miscea faucet spares you the agony and grief of actually touching the soap dispenser when you're washing your hands, and it can also squirt out disinfectant or your choice of other goo, too.

Its motion control interface lets you control the flow by pointing at what you want, and you can even control the temperature of the water with a nonchalant wave of your hand. In the middle of its selector dial, it shows you the water temperature in a digital readout. This is one fab-looking faucet with its LED-lit edges, but it might be a bit inconvenient to plug the thing in when you're installing it, since it requires a 12-volt DC power supply. It might be worth it to amaze your clean-freak friends. [Born Rich]

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