MILF Phone Roundup: Samsung Lowbies

milfphones.jpgWhy a MILF phone roundup instead of a regular mum phone roundup? Because mum phones are so boringly low-end that nobody except for snooze-tastic matriarchs would be interested in them—which means nobody here would be. MILF phones, on the other hand, are used by cool moms that know where it's at. And by it, we mean sex appeal (and technology).

Today we've got a Samsung SCH-U410 flip phone on Verizon, and the SGH-A127 plus the SGH-A517 flip-phones on AT&T—pictured in order from left to right.MILFs love flip-phones—it allows them to adjust their outfit with one hand while answering the phone with the other—which means Verizon's SCH-U410 is perfect for them. It not only has Bluetooth for hands-free sexy talking, there's also a VGA camera (just the low-quality needed to hide their slightly aging features), and Verizon's GPS service (MILFs need to find their way home too). All this for a price of $29.99 means more money for treating their sons' friends out for ice cream.

On the AT&T side, there's the A127, which also has a VGA camera, but little else (this lady just wants to talk). Then there's the SGH-A517, which is also a flip, but has a 1-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, and an on-board music player so this hot little mama can dance while waiting in the car for the kids. $49.

[Samsung SGH-A127]


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