Microsoft Not Interested In 700 MHz

ballmer1.jpgMost of us have been expecting Microsoft to counter Google's promise to bid on the illustrious 700 MHz spectrum this January with some cash of their own. But according to Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer, the company is opting to pass on the opportunity to capture a piece of the sweet, sweet radio spectrum. At CTIA he explained:

What would it buy us to buy a piece of spectrum, one piece of spectrum in one country...It would do a lot to alienate the [entire]telecom industry.

Apparently Microsoft's battle is to continue securing the Windows Mobile brand on smartphones, which makes a lot of sense if you think about it. Microsoft realises that software is their bread and butter, and clearly acknowledges the importance of getting/keeping Windows Mobile on every phone to be more important than launching some new service or device of their own. And that's good news, because we're way more interested in how Google might use the spectrum than Microsoft. [reuters via inquirer]

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